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Get this e-book download to apply the power of your subconscious mind wih love power to enjoying everyday life.


Aladdin's magic lamp artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

artwork produced by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

The Winning Edge Formula That Might Improve Your Life Immediately With Extraordinary and Tangible Results in the Areas of Sex and Romance, Finance, Health, and more. How to possibly and incredibly change the life you have now into the life you imagine is better.

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This is pretty much the exact page that we presented in 2004-2008 that was the flagship for a worldwide sensation...

Unlock The Power of Your Mind.
If You Can Imagine It,
You Can Have It.

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible.”
—Audrey Hepburn; actress

Disclaimer: Please be advised that all of the products and services on and relating to the Elprehzleinn websites are based on ideas and experiences of SPIRITUALITY including mind, soul, higher consciousness, divine being, love itself, the virtually unheard of field of true sacred spiritual sexuality and various other spiritual values that cannot be guaranteed to work in any way. Everything on our sites is for entertainment purposes only.

"We are what we think, all that we are arises from our thoughts, with our thoughts we create the world"
—The Buddha




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Om Gum Ganeshaya Namaha, Om Gurave Namaha, Om Lakshmi Namaha, Om Sanecharaya Namaha, Om Buddhaya Namaha, Om Mangalaya Namaha, Om Suryaya Namaha, Om Chandaraya Namaha, Om Ketave Namaha, Om Rahave Namaha, Om Shukraya Namaha


I appreciate your generosity, your gentleness of spirit, your wizardry, your brilliance, the magnificent contribution you are to me and your delightfully human way of being in the world!
Blessings to You.

Man I just couldn't wait to talk to you as (my business partner) told me that he gets inspired so much after he had a conversation with you. He gave me 10 words, "Jorj is awesome! You have got to meet Jorj buddy!"

Thank you Jorj! I feel much much better now!

You have a soothing voice. I enjoy talking to you.

I chose you for your integrity.

You are divinely guided.

You are the only person I can talk to so deeply.

You have an openess not often found.

I like what you are doing it's unique and beautiful.

Your timing is so accurate. Unbelievably accurate!

Knowledge is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.
- Bruce Lee

I feel your energy as a calming influence.

Thank you for sharing your light, love, magic, artistry, humor, wisdom, and grace with me. You are a delight.

I think you are putting your live to good use, unlike many others, you seek spiritual fulfillment and mind over matter.

I like what you did with the sketch. I knew you would come up with something. I appreciate your creative involvement.

You are honest and truthful in the way you express yourself about your own life. Thanks so much for your kindness, creativity and support on Saturday. I am really excited now imagining how awesome this is going to be...is already. I am officially out of the dread and into creativity.

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I've known Jorj for several years. Not only has our collaboration on several projects been of great benefit to myself and my own customers, I've also found him to be a great proponent of personal improvement. In all of my dealings with Jorj I've been constantly reminded of the potential we all have to transform ourselves into whatever we desire.

So far, it's been impossible to isolate him in conversation from this determination he has to assist in the profound changes that other people desire. In a nutshell, he is probably one of the most giving, dedicated and sincere people I've ever met in the 'self-help' arena. He acts and advises on a constant stream of actual experience that makes what he teaches real, not just content that he can sell. If you're ready to learn, I mean really learn - what makes you tick.... Jorj is there for you.

Thank you for your great idea! Thank you for your continued
support. Thank you so much for your soothing message. You're a poet, a philosopher,a writer, a dancer, a helper and a so loving being in the physical universe
and in mine !

"Cultivate a heart of love as wide as the world."
- Rev. Michael Beckwith


Your help and counsel are greatly valued.

Everything you said is true. Everything you predicted is happening.

Thank you for being who you are.

It feels like you are a very content, happy, fun soul...you have an interest in everything are very fascinated by the patterns and interactions between beings - interactions and relationships - people, business.... how you are is very different to most others we have come across.


Archangel Raphael bless this website and all involved.

Thank you for your compassionate involvement in other people’s lives. It reminds me of the bodhisattva who is working in a modern context, but nevertheless, appropriate for the times.

Thank you so much for the wonderful "therapy" session yesterday! You have no idea how much you help me in so many ways! I am so thankful to have you as a friend (yes...I used that word).

Thanks very much for your time and it's my honor to speak with you for 2 hours. You're the man. :)

"You can help your "own worst enemy" join forces with your conscious plans, decisions, and objectives, to achieve a "Self-Togetherness" that makes you invincible."
James T. Mangan
-The Secret of Perfect Living


You are really brave, Jorj. Brave to be so honest about everything and share your feelings.


I had a major epithany about time management last night, as a result of your work with me these past two weeks, in this area. I had ten projects, and I was overwhelmed, and not accomplishing my goals to my satisfaction.
Now lot of things are getting done! I am not stressed about all my projects anymore. The time management epiphany was big for me.

With the help of your coaching I realized the pattern. If I am doing work, and I am focused on EVERYTHING that I HAVE to do.... this feeling of stress and being overwhelmed comes inside of me which makes everything I do take MORE time... I also realized that my subconcious mind doesn't realize the concept of the future
it only knows here and now... in this moment. The exercise you gave me really helped me to EXPERIENCE how powerful and valuable the present moment is, in a practical way.

I realized that "time management" is a concious mind thing. My conscious mind is VERY comfortable if I could have all my time "figured out" and I feel totally safe and balanced with everything "planned out". You helped me experience the reality that planning at the conscious mind level is only a concious mind thing to satisfy an immediate need for certainty and confidence. Therefore, I realized is that I could be 10 times more productive concentrating just on the present moment... and the trick is I have to trust my subconcious mind, my heart, and life itself.

And that is just what I did, and I have been having a very fun, relaxed, and productive week, which is worth of lot of money to me. The feeling of being empowered is priceless.

thank you for all your help. You have helped me to make a major positive life transformation in less than 2 weeks, that I can use for the rest of my life.

After my epiphany I had some enormously great visions and clarification on how to set up this corporation. K.P.
p.s. and this is just one of the things in working with you and the Life Transformation System Z.

I was definitely impressed by your website and your first chapter of the book. I could tell just from what I had read already that you were a very special person, a very old soul, whose purpose was to help and enlighten others.

You have the power to heal and teach what some of us take a lifetime to figure out or never learn at all.



"Humanity has come to a point of no return. We can no longer accept this suffering. I am not a talker. I am not a preacher. I am a doer. And I have come with simple solutions that can powerfully transform this world into a place of comfort and happiness for everyone. " Shiva Baba (Siva Baba)

"I wake up in the morning and I consciously create my day the way I want it to happen. Now sometimes, because my mind is examining all the things that I need to get done, it takes me a little bit to settle down and get to the point of where I'm actually intentionally creating my day. But here's the thing: When I create my day and out of nowhere little things happen that are so unexplainable, I know that they are the process or the result of my creation. And the more I do that, the more I build a neural net in my brain that I accept that that's possible. (This) gives me the power and the incentive to do it the next day."
Dr. Joe Dispenza

Together With:


"The Practically Magical
Use of Lists"

"...lists are like magic wands, magical power tools..."
Sharon Jeffers

The Practically Magical Use of Lists

to get the KINDLE edition of "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" Please be advised that this book is now part of a series of three books. Life Transformation System A-Z and How To Play the Mind Game of Your Life are the other two books in the series. We recommend you get all three and start with Life Transformation System A-Z which came out in January 2014 and consolidates the other two books. Enjoy.
you don't need a Kindle Device to read it. You can read it on any device or computer with the free Kindle reader. Enjoy.

Experience in your daily life the power of your conscious mind, super conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind super-functioning TOGETHER
TOGETHER in balanced harmony.

We now offer you a method to form 12 powerful thoughts each day, covering all the areas of your life, and materialize them into physical reality. How to change the life you have now into the life you imagine is better. And much more. The method that I offer is a unique simplification of universal principles in a downloadable e-book. You can now master mind over matter.

Become a student of mind power and get great results to prove it. This once hidden manuscript I uncovered with years of passionate work and investment. Now today you can have these extraordinarily effective techniques that help you get past the pitfalls of ordinary positive thinking. Once you know the hidden secrets of mind over matter you can easily apply them with reliable results to your own life for satisfying results that start immediately when you get the e-book.


" JoreJj, I download the chapter on winning with positive thinking and I have read it all. It is fascinating and very different from anything else I have read ( I have been looking for this kind of tool for....a very long time.)"

"Transform this world into a place of comfort and happiness for everyone."
Siva Baba


More Testimonials

“This book is easily the best among the "manifesting your desire" books. It appeases the intellect and appeals to the emotions. The win list is the most practical application of the mindfulness technique taught by the Buddha. The clarity with which the process of manifestation described in this book is unique. The style of writing is very much reader friendly. I strongly recommend this book to any seeker of self development. JoreJj Z. , you have done a great job!”

Dr.C.Kumarbabu MD; Ph.D; DPM
(Formerly) Head of the Department
Dept.Of Psychiatry
Govt.Stanley Medical College Hospital.







If You Can Imagine It, You Can Have It.



Read the Testimonials
Share in the experience that other people are having with these materials. There is nothing I can say that is quite like reading these word for word accounts of other peoples' experience of the e-book and related materials.

Listen to JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn describe
the complete 3 step process for manifesting:
(duration: 7 minutes, listen now online or download below or click play in the video window below to watch the 7 minute video-the audio clip and video clip contain separate content-enjoy both if you like!)

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Up until the past few decades, these principles could only be obtained through intensive spiritual or esoteric study with a master. In the past few decades, this previously hidden knowledge has become more and more available through various courses, workshops, books, gurus and teachers.

Kenaz-Vision, revelation, knowledge, creativity, inspiration, technical ability.

This great knowledge that grants you personal freedom and all the good things in life is available yet remains difficult to obtain completely and affordably. You have to get it in bits and pieces as you pay a lot money going to many courses and workshops and buying and studying many books. Or you can struggle without help to master yourself through meditation. Or you can allow me to share with you the essence of all of the great knowledge presented in one affordable, downloadable e-book.

``In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.''
George Orwell

"I was definitely impressed by your website and your first chapter of the book. I can tell just from what I read already that you are a very special person, a very old soul, whose purpose is to help and enlighten others."

"I must say that I have never come across a piece of work which I've found as
valuable, as succinct, and as immediately life-changing as your book."

It is a simple e-book with straightforward exercises, leading up to sharing one easy formula that you can apply today and everyday to use the ancient universal principles and hard to master techniques of mind to materialize what you want into your physical reality. Your spiritual growth, and development as a person increases tremendously as you enjoy the benefits of what you materialize for yourself.

Ansuz-A revealing message or insight, communication.

Do you know your own mind? Do you know what it is and how it works? Have you spent many hours in workshops, reading books, taking courses, and training your mind and your inner powers to make your goals and dreams come true, to attact good fortune, romance, peace, success and more? I hope that you have because my e-book will really boost your results. And if you haven't, I think it will still lift your success sky high.

"If you put a group of people at a personal growth workshop in a room and gave them two doors marked: -Heaven- and: -A Workshop on How to Get to Heaven-most would pick the WORKSHOP! "

The kind of people that are best suited to read and use my e-book are the kind who would run to the door marked Heaven and go in. When you first start reading the book, you start massively pulling together your inner resources to make your own heaven on earth right away. It is not just something you read, it is something that interacts with you and your life for immediate and ongoing improvement according to what you want.

Jera-The results of earlier efforts are realized.

If you want to get real life results this 90 page e-book download will affect you deeply. It's like taking a pill that changes your life as soon as you start the book and by the time you finished the book and did all the exercises, you've swallowed the whole thing and there is no turning back, no stopping you from getting your life to be the way you desire it to be now and always. What you take in and what happens when you read and finish the exercises in the book sets something in motion that keeps working to get your desires manifested for the rest of your life. Whatever it is that you want.

"Alice laughed: "There's no use trying," she said; "one can't believe impossible things." "I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Caroll


"Yes, JoreJj
Thank you for that free chapter on Winning. I liked it very much. It made me look at things in a different perspective and when that happens I like it. I did do the exercise and I started applying it. It does make you feel good inside to go through the day aware of all of the things that you "win" at. It get's your vibration up and that's all good.
I would love to read the rest of your book. "

There are breakthrough ideas and exercises in the e-book. They interact with what you already know and have studied about using the power of thought. This propels you to both leap over your past limitations and brilliantly paint an ever improving reality in all 12 areas of your life, exploding any obstacles that get in your way. Let me give you a sample of one of these ideas right now:

"You Have a Servant (Your Own Mind) Who Gets Your Dream Come True- If You Can Imagine That You Don’t Really Want It."

What? There is a very important universal law of creative imagination behind this. You see, the things you want most and must have, are the things which will not show up; while the things you are not deeply concerned about, will show up. You are in the position of having a servant (your own mind) who will get you anything if you can convince him that you don’t really care about it. Can you feel the truth of this inside of you? Would you like to put this knowledge into action today to get your mind forcefully materializing everything you want?

Remember, the physical universe is a mirror and things show up in reverse in a mirror; your right hand is your left, etc. Obviously then, before you can convince the physical universe that you don’t desire and imagine something that you really do desire and imagine, you must be convinced yourself that you don’t mind if you don’t have it, or don’t want it. This is how you use your own universe of pure imagination. Can you feel the truth of this being recognized inside of you, like a glimmer of purity? That's enlightenment my friend, and it is sparked when you connect to the truth about how your mind works with reality to get you what you want.

"The number one condition that would have to exist about a thing, which would cause you not to desire and imagine it, would be the fact that you already have it. "

Ahhhhh! The way you do this, is to imagine that you already have it in your own universe. That's the secret, and I will totally show you how to apply it and many things you need to know to get it to work extremely well for you starting immediately as you begin reading the e-book and applying the exercises yourself to your own life.

Convincing your mind that you don't want it because you already have it (the mirror effect) is a major key to super-charging your efforts to achieve all your goals, get what you want in life, and be totally successful in every way. You have your own inner universe and if you know how to master it, you can get what you want in the outside universe. This e-book is a guide to self mastery through your own mind.

What do you currently think your chances are of reaching all your goals, and being successful in every way? Of course you can do it, but you need all the help you can get, right?

"I've tried many different formulas in the past; Tony Robbins (Personal Power) as well as (Get the Edge), Inner Talk.com CD's, Dick Stuphen's Hypnosis CD's, Monroe Institute CD's, Dianetics and My Mysteries.com formula. I've done a few others that I can't recall by name right now. However, your formula was truly by far the most simplest, practical, precise and shortest one that definitely produced transformational change almost instantly.

I know that the left side of the brain is the analytical factoring and the right side is the artistic creative. Your exercises make full use of both - manifesting the artistic creative through the analytical factoring. Amazing, it's so simple. You very well may have discovered the missing key to conquering the mind."

"Here is another secret weapon - you have to have a way to handle what makes you unhappy, in order to be happy."

Positive thinking does not deal with the things you are unhappy with. What you are unhappy with needs to be addressed if you are going to get your mind to rally all your forces and energy behind getting your wish to come true.

You have to have a way to stop what's stopping you from having all your dreams come true. Most people don't know how to get around that obstacle. If you just "think positive" then what do you think happens to all the stuff you aren't happy with? You cut yourself off from some of your most potent energy resources.

I have many ways to re-connect you to ALL of the inner resources that you have, even the ones buried in your unhappiness. ( If you are strongly convinced about positive thinking then I guess that right now you are probably TOTALLY happy with everything in your life?)

In this e-book it is all summarized into one simple formula that you can apply everyday in all the twelve areas of your life: Sex and Romance, Career and Job, Health, Money, Hobbies, Friends and Associates, Education, Food, Transportation, Home, Environment, Clothes. You can convert any situation, or problem, or anything that is happening in your life now, good or bad, happy or unhappy, into what you imagine that you want it to be, with great force.

"Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before."
-Joseph Campbell

Eihwaz- Indicates that you have set your sights on a reasonable target and can achieve your goals.

This e-book will help you to take everything you already know and have learned about thought power and make your current skills more effective to attract romance, money, career success, material things, health, amazing friends, new customers, new skills, education you name it.

For example, you already know that having a picture of what you want to achieve or create in your own reality is an important step in making it come true. Right? How well is that really working for you? Can I help you to make it work much better? Would you like an easy method for creating those imaginations and doing that kind of mind work fast enough to fit into your day, and big enough to cover all the areas of your life?

"I've read many new-age books.... This is a super-tangent of thought that is
most interesting & maybe even life-saving!"

"I really want to master this stuff. I know a lot of people have written what I'm about to write, but I have taken a lot of courses, read countless self-help books, done audio programs, but I truly have found yours to be the best... the most effective. "



Get the Complete Universal Life Formula to Imagine Everything You Want In Lightning Speed... Find Out Why You Don't Need to Know How Creative Mind Power Works If You Know How to Make It Work for You.

"Man I just couldn't wait to talk to you as (my business partner) told me that he gets inspired so much after he had a conversation with you. He gave me 10 words, "Jorj is awesome! You have got to meet Jorj buddy!"

"As I read your book, it all made complete sense to me. Many of your ideas seemed to me like the best Western explanations of particular zen koans that I have ever come across. Most such attempts I’ve read – Western ‘interpretations’ of Eastern thinking – typically seem forced or fluffy or overly mystical, but your writings seemed rather to be simple, concise explanations of the core concepts, without trying to reference the Eastern methodology or viewpoint at all.

With regard to interpreting your book and your message…as I read, and had an astonishing level of clarity about what you were saying, it seemed to me that many many ideas I had exposed myself over the years were coalescing, or were more properly coalesced by you in your book. It was as though I had finally spent enough time preparing myself, laying the groundwork, opening my mind, so that at last I could receive the message/system that would bring me to that which I have long sought.

I don’t yet know if that is true or not; certainly I have felt similar ‘aha!’ moments in the past…but this feels different somehow."

"This is the Rolls-Royce of goal setting technology. Use it and you feel the quality, ease, comfort, and performance increase that you can have today, in your success work with your mind. Truly the finest quality, and it integrates beautifully with other systems."

Before you read any further, I want to announce to you what I think is one of the greatest features of this e-book download. The amazing results that you get materializing what you want. Myself, and the people that I coach and consult, have achieved astounding results and it just keeps on getting better and more. I know that you want to read more about the product and all the great benefits listed below, but I just have to stop you and tell you about the immense results first.

One businessman a few weeks after buying the e-book download, told me that he received a large cash investment for his business. A guy that he knows literally handed it to him!

Another businessman came to me already successful, and he wanted more projects and more money. Within weeks of receiving the course and with a few personal sessions from me, he had so many new projects that I had to teach him how to use what he had learned in the e-book to apply it to time management. That worked out so well for him personally, and his business, that he told me it was an enlightening revelation and he is now working at a whole new level of success and more comfortable about himself and his work.

When it comes to money, I know people that after working with me and applying these methods have made thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in one case I helped one man double his million dollars in investment capital. One man called me up several years after first working with me and I asked him about the benefits he was receiving since then (because it keeps on working). He said, "money, lots of money". He told me had just bought a new pool, and went on to list all the things he had bought and how great his relationship was going on his estate in the countryside.

People who have worked with me have found the best jobs they ever had. Or not ever had to work at a job again because they found their true calling and found the means to live doing that. One woman lost her job a few weeks into working with me, and I couldn't understand why things weren't working for her (because it works for everyone) until she told me that a man who was in the management of her former company that closed down hired her for a new company where she got paid the most she ever had in her life, and less hours. Meanwhile, to make it even better, as she was searching for a romantic partner, she was starting to get lots of dates. Not just any dates either. Men were inviting her on exotic weekend getaways. What a way to choose a mate!

I could tell you dozens of stories of the kinds of results that people get working with me and applying the methods in the e-book. It's true that when people consult with me personally I massively boost their results, however you honestly can and people do accomplish these great things using the information in the e-book download by itself. And besides, when you do consult with me, the first and best thing I tell you to do is get this e-book and do all the exercises! Because it's so effective and assists everything else you do in personal growth and goal achievement for your success.

That is why I am offering you the e-book download first and foremost on my front page. The book is like going to a ten thousand dollar workshop on materializing what you want, and much more, and yet it is one inexpensive book. I want you to get it, and read it and do all the exercises, and start getting results. Of course you can call me and hire me to help you personally, but by all means, get the e-book download and start working with it. It's in your best interest.

Personally I think the results that you produce for yourself and your loved ones are the most important, not how much you pay to get them, or how hard you work for them. I believe that you should know how to use your God given powers of thought and imagination, and use them to help you generate the best life you can imagine for yourself and those you love and for the world.

How about the person who ended up turning a 10 day Hawaiian vacation into a 2 1/12 year Hawaiian adventure. Another true story.

Every area of life is covered in the e-book download. You can materialize big things, small things in every area of your life. And that is just one aspect of what this little e-book and all the bonuses that come with it can do for. I just thought you should know that applying the techniques in this book will get you really great results. I absolutely know it because I experience it for myself and share in the experiences of many people who have worked with me over the years. I know it first hand, and I want you to be part of this.


Dagaz-Breakthrough, awakening, awareness. The power of change directed by your own will, transformation. Hope/happiness, the ideal. Security and certainty. Growth and release.

From the Desk of:
JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

Hello ,

You probably already know how powerful your mind is, and you have a feeling inside you that you can make all your dreams come true. Deep down inside, you really do believe in yourself, and in the power of the universe, or God, and in your own magical abilities to do amazing things.

I think you probably have already spent time going to workshops, taking classes, meditating, reading books on personal growth, and developing your inner powers. I think you have been successful, and learned a lot of things, and you still want more, and you want a way to take everything you know about creating your own reality, and find out how to make it work much better and faster.


It is my guess that you might also have some forbidden, dark areas of your life where you secretly, or openly, know that certain things in your life are not the way you want them to be. And you want to make that better.

The "Practically Magical Use of Lists" e-book contains all the information and exercises that is the summary of the very best material on the art and science of what is called creating your own reality. It's easy to read and easy to apply to your life today.

And it contains something more. By summarizing and condensing the core ideas from all that great material that is out there, the universal principles that you know about, something emerged that is greater than the sum of its parts. Do the exercises in this e-book, and you experience how everything you know comes together in a new way.

This e-book is not another self-help book. It is a formula designed for people like you who have already learned many truths and put in a lot of effort on your spiritual journey, and you just want a way to make all that you know and believe in to work faster, and easier, today.

Get this simple e-book, study it and do the exercises, and immediately you have access to a new level of the power of your own alternate universe, and you apply it to being wonderfully satisfied in every way now, getting more of what you want for the rest of your life. These are great universal life principles, simplified and condensed. Most importantly, they are applied and illustrated so that you find it easy and compelling to start materializing anything you desire right away.

Om Buddhaya Namaha

Find out how to work intimately with your subconsious mind power so you feel satisfied now in every way that you can imagine in the areas of Sex/Romance/Husband/Wife/Children/Family, Money, Clothes, Friends/Associates/Relatives, Work/Career/Job/Business, Hobbies and Accomplishments, Spiritual and Educational Advancement, Transportation, Health and Body Condition, Food and Food Arrangement, Environment and the World Around, and Home or Shelter and the Things Within.




"The Practically Magical Use of Lists" is not a self- improvement book, although it improves the self tremendously. This is not a motivational book, although it motivates like nothing you have ever seen.

This e-book is not a quick fix or momentary high, although many have reported astounding results practically overnight.

The key to this winning edge formula is application and pure imagination. No matter what kind of material, self-improvement or otherwise, the thing that has been lacking is a way for you to apply what you have already learned, every day of your life. Once the workshop is over, or you have finished the lastest self help book, or you are done with the latest course or inspiring talk, or CD or tape, you need something to help you easily keep all that good stuff working for you, in a world that sometimes goes against you. You need to understand why that is, and most importantly, what to do about it.

Your dreams can come true. I can even show you how to make your dreams themselves better and clearer and feel much more alive. You can believe in magic again because miracles start happening for you when you study and apply this e-book download.

"The Practically Magical Use of Lists" e-book download provides you with simple but powerful little exercises, that fit right into your daily life, no matter what it is. You find out how to tap the power of your creative imagination very easily and put it to practical use to attract all manner of good things and solve all your problems. Yes it's true. Believe in the spiritual power within you. Use it by learning the mind power secrets in this e-book download.

"Once again I want to appreciate you for the good work you are doing and bless God for coming in contact with you and this formula."

"The e-book, is helping me a lot, a total paradigm shift in daily routine. Thank you."

"As a way of combining "programming" the Sub-conscious, developing
the Self-Image of being a "winner at living life" and generally feeling
good and motivated throughout the day ... the life transformation formula "win list" must rank as one of the most elegant - if not THE most elegant - techniques I have ever discovered. And I sure have come across hundreds of them over the years!"

You could literally pay thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars ordering courses and going to workshops, and still not get all that is presented in this simple inexpensive e-book download. And if you have already gone to all those courses and workshops, paid all that money, congratulations because I believe that you must have gained a lot from all that and this one e-book will multiply the benefits of what you have learned, and amplify it when you put this formula into what you already know and apply it.

Discover that you have a beautiful mind, and a dangerous mind... how to get your mind to work for you instead of against you.

My clients agree, and some of them have paid thousands and gone to numerous advanced courses- you can read their testimonials-the " Practically Magical Use of Lists" e-book, formerly the High Speed Results Life Transformation Formula e-book is the most simple and effective presentation to most easily get the best of what you would have to spend many days and even years in workshops and seminars to get control of your mind and use it for your own enjoyment of everyday life.


"This e-book is what I believe to be a modernized version of mind yoga. Through this mental yoga all things can be achieved."
JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

"Yoga is a method for restraining the natural turbulence of thoughts, which otherwise impartially prevents all (people), of all lands, from glimpsing their true nature of Spirit. LIke the healing light of the sun, yoga is beneficial equally to (people) of the East and (people) of the West. The thoughts of most persons are restless and capricious; a manifest need exists for yoga: the science of mind control."
Paramahansa Yogananda

Get the e-book download and do the core exercises and experience the following numerous benefits of a type of yoga mind development that gives you immediate and daily pleasure and peace of mind at the same time as actually improving your life
in the ways that you imagine :



Some of the Benefits
of Studying This e-book download are:

What is a five minute activity you can do at any time during the day to guarantee you the feeling of being on a winning streak every day?...this feeling will open the doors to financial freedom, great relationships, physical well being, and anything else that you imagine and is your hearts desire.

"Why is it that positive thinking often backfires or doesn't work on a sustained basis?"... use this one powerful method to get your subconscious mind to support you in everything you do and experience tangible success every day for the rest of your life.

How can you transform ordinary words into dynamic living realities that you touch, smell, taste, hear, and see, in only two steps?- using this special 2 step formula will allow you to boost the success of positive affirmations and finally create the reality you desire in lightening speed.

How can you get treasures of enlightenment and spiritual insight to arise spontaneously just when you most need them?...receive the gifts and inner powers that usually take decades of meditation.

What are 3 things you can say to people that handle any problem that person brings to you?... why these things work, and when to use them.

How do you revitalize your imagination, and in doing so, experience the extreme quality, wisdom, intelligence, love, beauty, pleasure, kindness and the sheer dynamic power of your own spiritual being?

Do you know how taking an imaginary romantic vacation or going on a pure imagination romantic getaway can bring you true romantic love and real romantic encounters in everday life?

Would you like to sense the truth behind anything that anyone ever says to you?...a foolproof method that makes certain you always know what the truth is.



Do you know that you were always right to believe that your dreams can come true like magic? and how you can succeed if you just keep doing that... why things like faith really work...What are subtle spiritual forces in your own universe that work like magic if you let them? ... this e-book shows you how to feel them and use them.

Can you see the enormous benefit of succeeding at "quieting or stilling your mind?"... this is one of the most sought after benefits in most spiritual practices, including yoga. With this power alone your life can flourish in every way.

How does satisfying all your desires lead to more and more happiness?...how to divorce yourself from the things that stop you from being happy all the time.

What is the 1 question that is the secret to the creation of your own universe?...this question is the key to satisfying ALL of your desires and keeping you free from your ego's interference in your happiness.

Do you know a method to uncover your ability to put time to work for you in such a powerful way that you magnify your accomplishments by double, triple, and more?... with less effort and more free time?

How do you massively multiply the effectiveness, and good feeling of every action and situation in your life, while making it all easier and easier to accomplish?

What are the 4 powerful techniques to use in everyday life that make the most of all your relationships, at work at home and at play?... get to previously unthinkable levels of every manner of good feeling and accomplishment with friends, associates and relatives by following these simple steps.

What is the single greatest asset you have? Experience the excitement and pleasure of letting your mind provide clear and tangible answers to your biggest problems while forcefully helping you achieve your biggest goals.


How do you obtain and enjoy the ability to remove the resistance that is invariably there everytime you set a goal? Move through obstacles with ease.

What is the best method to materialize your hopes and dreams faster than you previously thought possible? And you only do a fraction of the work!

What is the nature of resentment and how do you heal yourself anytime you start to feel it?... save yourself from the pain of revenge and resentment about other people.

What is the method to accomplish more, in less time? In doing so, receive free time to enjoy, more and more until you live freely all the time.

How is it that satisfying your every desire in your own universe can improve every area of your life?...make your road to any accomplishment a short and happy one.

How do you accomplish things that you cannot accomplish?... this will happen so clearly that you are astounded.

How can you enjoy magical marriage or love relationships and keep them lasting as long as you like?... turn off psychic attacks and turn on good feelings with this 1 simple exercise.

How do you tap mind power like a Rocket Scientist?... and gain that level of intelligence and beyond, for yourself, no matter what level you think you are now.

Where can you find a technique to succeed at work, or in business, to satisfy all your goals and dreams?... and enjoy every step of the journey feeling good, thinking clearly.


What is a simple method that works to get rid of low self- esteem, depression, and poor self image, for the rest of your life?

Do you know why things don't always turn out the way you want them to in the physical universe?...how to vastly improve your results by employing your mind and "your own universe".

What is the way to feel financially secure, no matter what your current financial status?

Would it be valuable to you to understand every problem that people present to you, and give them an answer that makes them feel good and helps them solve their own problem?

Could you transform criticism or negative thought that is projected at you or said about you?... this formula and your secret inner power turns negative energy into a positive loving feeling that is so beneficial you feel like a new person.

Single? Would you like to attract and interact happily and passionately with a new romantic partner... Married? Would you enjoy knowing how to bring new life and dimensions of feeling and success into even the most challenging situations? With very little effort?


How do you inspire a new feeling of cooperation everyday, in all of your relationships with others?...your whole family, or corporate group, is able to connect and enjoy each other more.

How do you stop worry before it stops you?... find out how your own imagination turns against you and why... see how you can turn it back around to support you in everything you do. With this power alone you can accomplish most anything.

How do you create special moments everyday in your relationships with members of the opposite sex? And keep them lasting for years if you want to.

What is your hidden power to protect yourself from the bullies of life?...if anyone says or does something bad about you here's how to turn that negative into a positive for your benefit.

What is the secret of the 12 areas of life?... this one idea transforms overwhelm and stress into a calm and peace that allows you comfortable freedom to live life that way you want to live it.

How do you stop worry and fear whenever they happen to you, in minutes...until they never come back again?

What method can you use to multiply the effectiveness of everything you ever learned or studied in personal growth or any other field? Aquire knowledge more rapidly and easily then ever before.


Can your recognize when your mind puts you on automatic and get it to stop doing that?...when that happens your mind becomes a force so awesome that good things appear in your life as if by magic.

Would it be good for you to come up with brilliant answers to any question that you have?

Can you imagine a way to improve all your relationships with friends, associates and relatives?... Make new friends and associates and relatives that you want to have by using your own universe to create them.

Would it be useful to conquer any fear? Handle any problem?...feel inner balance and harmony within your mind that brings you all other things, with little or no effort.

Would you like a technique of using your mind to make more money? Make a lot more money... you break through every financial limitation, even the hidden beliefs and subconscious barriers that you may have and it pays off.

Do you know how you can safely do the things others just talk about, and the things you only dream about?

How can you prove to yourself that using your imagination for a few minutes is more effective and easy than 100's of hours of work?...make all your work seem effortless and accomplish bigger results.

Is there an easy way to get the skills that help you to aquire and enjoy any physical property or material object or life situation that you desire in your own universe? Many of these things subsequently appear in the real world or something better.

Do you know how to apply your imagination so that you have a powerful impact healing the world around you and making the environment the way that you imagine and desire it to be? While sitting quietly in a chair or laying in bed?


Could you handle others no matter who they might be?...find out the secret reason why people bring you their problems and what to do about it to make them and you feel great. Turn criticism into glowing praise or anything you can imagine you would like to hear about yourself.

What quick and foolproof method could you use to develop a whole new relationship with your children or your parents? (that you might not have thought was even possible).

Would you like to know a holistic approach encompassing all (12) areas of life to increase your success in each individual area through the power of inner balance?

and much more.

The thing that separates this formula out from the countless numbers of self-improvement books, self-improvement courses, positive thinking, creative visualization, and so many philosophies that it couldn't be believed, is one thing, and that is daily application.

If you just want to snap your fingers and have everything you want appear at your feet, then go find Aladdins Magic Lamp and get the genie to give you your three wishes. If you want to have a tool that will gradually transform your entire life, in a way that is clear, with rapid results, easy to follow and accomplish, amazing, and even very fun - then I have found nothing in years searching for ways to materialize what i want, that works like this. And i have found some good stuff and I bet you have too.

"Any idea, thought or picture we hold in our minds will if it has some emotional significance for us, produce the same reactions as if the event or situation were actually happening."
Helmut W.A.Karle


Let's face it, the physical universe is not a dream world. It is what it is. You know what your life is like. When it comes to achieving everything you desire, there are huge forces involved and you must know how to handle them and how to get all the help you can.

You will actually be able to apply what you learn from this formula in your daily life. People do experience results and indications that it is working usually immediately.

This is because the High Speed Results Life Transformation formula has been put together in such a way, that anyone, regardless of their educational level can easily apply what they have learned. All you have to know is how to read and write. Even if you think you have no imagination this e-book download will restore it for you and you will love the feeling of having it back working for you again!

And the great thing is that most people are not beginners with this type of thing and this book will automatically harness all your existing experience and training and boost it to perform better.

The information presented has been distilled from the esoteric knowledge and wisdom, personally selected from the best of formulas, philosophies, and even some religions.

There is no way to say how you would ever get this information anywhere else. The reason I say that is because it took over 30 years to put this information together and another seven years to make it available. You would not believe the time and care that has gone into this e-book for you to benefit from when you download it and read it and turn on your imagination.

I have personally accomplished things I was never able to do before I got this information for myself and started to apply it, and it keeps working for me every day, transforming even the most difficult areas of my life with very little effort on my part. Of all the things that I offer to people in my personal coaching practice, this e-book download and the information inside it is the one core thing that everyone must have.

So if you don't have thirty more years to invest in such a search yourself, (and I am pretty sure you have already invested a lot of your time and some money searching) or you want to captilize more on the searching that you have already done, here is your opportunity to have the information anyway, and more importantly, the time tested ways to apply it.

Whether you are a child starting out, or have already discovered a few of the hidden bumps on the road of life, this formula is for you.

The only way you will ever discover who you are and what you are truly capable of is to gain control of your own mind and find out what it wants.

"The Practically Magical Use of Lists" e-book download is a formula that is written with the intention to establish harmony with your own mind, and for you to experience tangible, measureable, results from doing so.


"It is when you try to meditate-when you decide what your mind should think-
that you may come to realise that you are not your mind, but simply the
observer of your mind, and your mind doesn't always want to do what you tell
it to do."
Tycho Photiou

Your mind will be a beautiful mind, or a dangerous mind. This depends a lot on your ability to work with it. "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" e-book download will be the difference that you need in your life to have your mind constantly be on your side.

The choice is up to you. Boost your inner magic, take advantage of everything you know and have within in you, or continue doing things as best as you can with the results you are currently getting.




The most important thing that I have to offer you, is a better life technology. I can show you the magic system that increases the enjoyment of being in the present moment, AND empowers you to materialize in the universe, more of what you desire and imagine in your own universe.


Your's Truly,

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn
Publisher and Designer of "ULTRA Life Transformation System A-Z" along with a beautiful team of unseen friends, and some extraordinary human beings along the way, and including the "Legendary Elprehzleinn Family".

PS. One of the ways that you can experience what you want, showing up in your daily life, as if by magic, is to understand how to overcome the resistance to change. No matter if your current life is amazing, or whether there are some changes that you want, even if they could happen right now, there is a natural mind pattern that keeps us the way we are. If you want to overcome this, and take the adventure into a better life that you imagine for yourself, this book will show you the easiest and most effective way to get from here to there, that I have ever found.


PPS. You can accomplish great things, one step at a time. I invite you to try the"Practically Magical Use of Lists" e-book download, and give yourself the gift of knowing a better way to succeed, in everything, with more ease and comfort, than ever before.



Archangel Michael bless me,  this business, this web site and all who visit and order the e-book!


For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
Matthew 18:20

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."
-Jesus Christ, the Gospel of St. Thomas

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




Meditation is simply about being yourself and knowing who that is - Jon Kabat-Zinn

Think Better, Feel Good, Work Well, Love More.

While on a Magickal Journey through that which is the Super Highway , A Voice of Knowledge directed me to your site. I found it to be Unique and Necessary. Yours is a site of Integrity and Respect. For that I applaud your efforts. May the song of nature serenade you always.
Michael Teal - The Ancient One.

I just checked out your website and wanted you to know I think it is AWESOME.

Your website is very powerful and positive all the way through.

I have been searching for years, I don't know how i stumbled across your
site, you have been chosen to help enlighten beings who are ready for the
shift in consicousness. Unfortunately I can only read your site for a few minutes because the vibraton level emitting from your site is extremely high.

You have a great website and great wealth to share. I am busy living my 4th
or 5th dream now so I know what your taking about from personal experiance.
Keep it up.Cheers.

"Your website is profoundly interesting."

I feel changes happening around me since I first clicked on your website. Something of a different magnitude. Subtle yet strong. Lots of integrity.

Thanks for that great insight. Thank you for being so genuinely interested and helpful, and thanks for helping me in your own universe. That was very unexpected and greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

I really treasure having you in my life and want for you all things you desire. You are a magnificent man and spirit and you have my love unconditionally and fully supportive.

I want you to know that I think you are an amazing person and I feel blessed to have you in my life, you having incredible energy thank you for sharing it...

I am SO happy to be relating with you, as I have already experienced many of the benefits of the magic you share....I got my first gift before I ever made a purchase..which was meeting you!

I am getting a wonderful good feeling, interacting with you Jorj. Thank you J.F.

I don't know how it works, but it works, I have received a lot of money. MBV

Working with you has done a lot of good things in my life. Lately, I just got a job doing what I want to do, that pays $100,000 a year and I am the CEO and President. And I am getting along much better with my lover. The website you made for me has helped me tremendously with my business.B.H.

Energy-Therapies.net is out to the world, thanks to you, Jorj. I am excited about it and improving it.

That is a very generous offer to help me get started in business. It blows me away that through the web I have met such wonderful people as you . You are so open and giving. You are an example to me as to how we should live and work with each other.

You have certainly given me a powerful demonstration of the effectiveness of your program.

After joining your program an extraordinary situation opened up in my life and I received back more money than I put in. A few months later I had the most profitable month of sales ever in my business, and the month after that you introduced me to a man who is the one that I have dreamed of being with for 11 years.

.I have made more money after meeting you than I ever have in my entire life.

.After working with your program I had several romantic suitors invite me on weekend trips that they paid for, I lost my job, and from that crisis ending up getting a new and better job that pays me a higher salary than I ever have received in my life.

.If it wasn't for you and the other people I got in touch with through Elprehzleinn , I would have never written my book.

I feel a closeness to you despite the fact we have never met. That just confirms to me the spiritual nature of the work we are doing together.

You are my angel.

This is the future of money, I want to join. Get ready, a lot of people are going to want to join.

This program is going to grow like an avalanche.

I downloaded the Life Transformation formula. I am absolutely delighted of the things I am reading and understanding. It is synthesizing a lot of information that I have had in my being.

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Get started with the highly acclaimed e-book for learning how to consciously create your own reality by mastering meditation. This is real support and help on how to materialize all that you imagine, desire, and expect and things you need to support you to discover and fulfill your soul purpose and destiny here on earth.

I received the formula which was very
helpful to me.
I did the exercises and in less than three days wonderful things start happening in my life. I really want to thank you, very much.
Yours sincerely,
God Bless you

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Amazing, it's so simple. You very well may have discovered the missing key to conquering the mind.

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Time, energy, money, and how "The Practically Magical Use of Lists" e-book help you get more of them:

Making a decision about investing your time, energy and money you expect to get back more than what you put in right?

The e-book is designed to give you back results and rewards for the rest of your life. You can continue to apply it almost effortlessly once you know how.

It is going to take some of your time, and some of your energy, both of which you probably need more of! And it is going to cost you some of your money.


Well, not exactly. In fact , I expect that the time, and money that you spend, you will experience enough results that you discover that you have more time, more money, and more energy, that comes to you, then what you "spent" doing this system. A lot more. Does that make sense? You get back more than you put in. And it keeps on coming.

As time goes on you will ongoingly function more and more effectively, with time, energy, and money, and all the areas of your life, in such a way that I expect you will be amazing yourself again and again at how much time, energy, money, and all that you desire, you now have, more and more, and how different it was before you implemented this system in your life.

Your time,energy and money are valuable resources that working with me is designed to amplify and give you much more of all of these resources and more. That is part of the magic and what it does.

To experience how it works, get started today!

You can order the first chapter for FREE right now and it will be in your email in a few minutes usually.

"To be honest , your formula is the most practical , direct , least effort and comforting formula I have seen". R.S







"I don't believe:
I know. "
-Carl Jung

Discipline is... 1. Do what has to be done; 2. When it has to be done; 3. As well as it can be done; and 4. Do it that way every time.
-Bobby Knight

In my universe, your present moment is better than the best moments you
ever had in your past, and your future is even better than all that.



"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action. And because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any medium and will be lost. The world will not have it."

Martha Graham (dancer & choreographer)


Archangel Metatron. Sacred Geometry.






Imagine (lyrics)

Imagine there's no heaven,
It's easy if you try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people
living for today...

Imagine there's no countries,
It isnt hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
living life in peace...

Imagine no possesions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say Im a dreamer,
but Im not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.


Written by: John Lennon
© Bag productions inc.